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The Forecaster Calculator is a simple forest simulation tool for radiata pine in New Zealand. For Douglas-fir there is no productivity surface and you will need a specific measurement event to calibrate the model. It simulates the tree growth and the log products produced at a single clearfell age on a per hectare basis.

Its target audience is primarily the small woodlot owner wishing to calculate a rough estimate of the volume and log product mix on a particular site at a particular age. Note that more accurate estimates of volume and log product mix will be produced by taking detailed plot based stem measurements pre-harvest, and inputting these measurements into a pre-harvest forest inventory tool (e.g. Cruiser or YTGen).

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Disclaimer: This online Forecaster Calculator has been developed by Scion with funding support from the Forest Growers Levy Trust. It has been developed primarily to assist small growers to consider forest growing regimes and the impact of site and forest management on log yields. Neither Scion, Integral Limited, Forest Growers Levy Trust nor Forest Growers Research Limited or any other persons acting on their behalf accept any responsibility or liability for losses, claims, damages or costs arising from the use of the Forecaster Calculator.